Decoded Future 2019 will have an underlying theme: sustainability. From moving to a circular economy to the positive impact of tech, we’ll reveal precisely what a more sustainable future looks like – and the opportunities that arise from it. One further exciting development: this year’s content streams will be split across three cross-industry, consumer-centric themes, rather than individual sectors.

Main Stage

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Towards Our Sustainable Future


Keynote Presentation

Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth. But our desire for the latest clothes means that carbon emissions, water use, chemical, and plastic pollution, are destroying our planet. Mary will share the findings of the Environmental Audit Committee’s recent report into the sustainability of fashion, and highlight why the fashion industry must, and can, step up its game if it is to meet global targets on climate change, sustainable development and address workers’ welfare.

From Waste to Wealth: Moving to a Circular Economy

The need for a circular system is more urgent now than ever. But how can manufacturers and brands set themselves up to become more sustainable and move away from the linear approach? What obstacles do brands need to overcome to create a truly circular economy, whilst still growing on a commercial level?

Do Nation: Make Your Pledge


Coffee Break, Networking + Exhibition Area

A Responsible Supply Chain: Building Your Sustainable Strategy

Our opening panel on this stage, unpicks and discusses the efforts that brands and retailers are making to be more responsible regarding their production lines and manufacturing processes and, in turn, offering more transparency for their customers. Our panel, brought together by ISKO - one of the world's leading denim producers - are a mix of retailers and businesses who are pioneering in this space, and challenging the status quo by pushing their industry to develop a new global standard for a more sustainable business strategy.

Dynamic Youth: The Unique Force of Gen Z

As the very first generation of true digital natives, technological change, social media, a volatile economic climate and an inherent sense of individualism has reshaped the way Gen Z-ers think, communicate and consume. As a result they’re agile, driven and equality-focused but also pragmatic, risk-averse and seeking support in many areas of their lives. Stylus’ Head of Retail, Katie Baron, delves into the the real and often nuanced implications of these wider shifts for brands of all kinds.

From Green to Mainstream: The Vegan Movement

Personal health, environmental concerns and animal welfare are just a few key motives driving individuals and brands to embrace a plant-based way of lifestyle. But is veganism with us for the long haul? Or will it need to shapeshift to remain relevant? Decoded looks beyond the hype to understand authentic opportunities that exist for brands and retailers.

Intro: The State of Play

INTRO: THE STATE OF PLAY Christian Ward, Head of Media & Marketing, Stylus

Virtual Changes: Will Technology Save Us?

Technological advances now mean that you can order something on Amazon with a simple voice command or kickstart your kettle as you get out of bed. But how are these latest developments in hyper-connectivity playing a role beyond the household in the wider world? We look at how technology has the potential to help streamline efforts in sustainability and drive progress.

Nice Ad, Shame About The Planet

Brands now have a responsibility to create, promote and sell products that help the consumer live a more sustainable lifestyle. Yet, it’s these same brands that, over the years, through mass production and the use of non-reusable or non-recyclable packing, have contributed to the sustainability issue we now face. We take a stark look at the industry and open a frank discussion about whether products that negatively impact the environment should be allowed to be advertised at all.

Influencers: Viral Or Virus?

Netflix’s recent release of documentary Fyre, highlights the enormous power and impact influencer marketing can have, and in some cases, to detrimental effects. But as brands are devoting more time, effort and marketing budget to influencers than ever before, how can brands ensure that they are working with influencers effectively? As consumers become increasingly skeptical of marketing tactics, is it still worth working with influencers at all?

Intro: The State of Play


Naked Goods: The Future of Packaging

The global problem of plastic pollution is spurring governments, brands, scientists, designers and non-profit initiatives to radically rethink the way we produce and consume plastic. Stylus’ Senior Product Design Editor takes us through the innovative approaches to recycling that are being applied to products across different industries.

The Rise of the Niche Brand

As traditional business models continue to crumble, newer companies are turning to digital platforms to build their brand and research their market. We look at how companies and individuals have tapped into a niche need for a specific network to build and grow a thriving business.

How brands are Engaging with Chinese Consume

Stylus’ Head of Advisory in Fashion, Beauty & APAC, shares insights and key learnings from China’s digital strategies.

Lunch, Networking & Experience Room

Sharing Is Caring: Is The Second-hand Economy A Shift In The Shoppers Mindset Or Just A Desire For Discounted Designer Products?

In 2018, the travel marketplace AirBnB turned ten years old, marking a major milestone for the sharing economy; and as consumers continue to strive for a more sustainable and collaborative way of living, it’s estimated that the global resale market will be worth £32bn by 2022. But is this growth due to an increased interest in mindful shopping, or are consumers just after designer products at discounted prices?

Retail Through the Lens of Enlightened Masculinity

Across the globe, men are reframing their identities by challenging preconceptions of masculinity and a more empowering and enlightened concept of manhood. Traditional retailers need to keep abreast with this shift in pace and direction. Decoded invites John Lewis & Partners’ menswear design manager, Clea Sullivan, to share her insight behind how and why they are transforming their menswear section and entirely rethinking how they communicate with today’s modern man.

The Traveller’s Guide To Sustainability

As demand for sustainable travel continues to snowball, travel and hospitality brands are creating inventive eco-concepts that offer guests increased flexibility and comfort. To help brands win in this space, we explore the profile of the new eco traveller and chart best practice strategies that go beyond greenwashing.

Weaving Tech With Fashion For A Sustainable Future

According to a 2018 report released by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the apparel industry produces 20% of global water waste, 10% of global carbon emissions, while 85% of textiles are sent to landfills every year. There’s no surprise then, that we’re seeing a rise in ethical consumerism and interest in the origins of our products. Retailers and fashion brands are now adopting a wide range of technologies, from blockchain to wearable tech, to offer buyers more transparency in the products they’re buying, as well as having a more positive role in environmental safety and sustainability, as well as driving profits.

Balancing Tradition with Innovation

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships is a sports event that is timeless, global and steeped in tradition. So in an age when media distribution extends beyond television, Wimbledon have been stealthily innovating through its use of technology and data to keep up with major marketing shifts. The All England Lawn Tennis Club’s Head of Communications, Content and Digital, discusses how she and her team have leveraged those traditions in new ways through the use of chatbots, real-time experiences and artificial intelligence in order to create the ultimate digital experience for fans both old and new.

The Broadcast Brandscape: A New Avenue For Consumption

The boundaries between retail and media are blurred, so much so that it’s forcing brands to have a voice and point of view. As consumers are dictating a drop culture, how can brands take advantage of the more agile system and become a conduit for a sense of authority to stand out against the competition.

Beyond the Millennial Market

The millennial demographic is known to be the most cash poor when it comes to discretionary spend, yet marketers across the board continue to over focus on targeting them. At Decoded we look at and celebrate one of the biggest opportunity marketers are missing: the boomers, the olders, the over 55-ers; and look into ways in which marketers tap into this rapidly growing and wealthy market.

Five New Beauty Tribes

Stylus’ senior beauty editor will be addressing five game-changing categories of the beauty industry that you need to be aware of in order to remain relevant in this ever-changing landscape

It’s a Meme World Out There: Keeping up with the Evolution of Communication

Over the last decade, emojis, hashtags, memes and short-form video content are fundamental ways in which the millennial and gen Z markets communicate with one another. We look at how brands can tap into timely content and keep up with this constant evolution of language whilst also maintaining their editorial credibility.

Coffee Break + Experience Room

Closing Speaker

Allbirds is an American footwear brand known for crafting incredibly comfortable shoes out of sustainable materials. The brand launched only three years and in this time has seen incredible success, having sold over one million pairs of shoes and launching in six countries. Sandeep Verma, Managing Director of Europe, speaks about the company's international expansion, bringing a brand's message to a new audience and the growing movement towards ethical businesses.

Close Of Summit & Cocktail Reception

Sandeep Verma

Managing Director – Europe, Allbirds

Sandeep Verma is Managing Director of Europe for Allbirds. Sandeep joined Allbirds in September 2018 when the sustainable footwear brand launched in the UK, having formerly been CEO at Liz Earle.

Suzi Grant

Blogger, Author, Broadcaster & Influencer, Alternative Ageing

Suzi Grant is an Author, Broadcaster & Founder of Alternative Ageing: a successful blog for the Over50s. After a career in TV, Radio and writing health books, Suzi retired at 60. By 65 she had started the blog to help spread her positive ageing message, on a mission to inspire women to grow older looking good and feeling great and to never feel invisible or irrelevant.

John Montoya

UK Marketing Director, VICE

John Montoya is the Marketing Director at VICE, EMEA. In his role John oversees brand marketing and content distribution across all of VICE’s linear, digital and social channels across Europe and is responsible for driving the growth of audience to these platforms.

Alexandra Willis

Head of Communication, Content & Digital, The All England Lawn Tennis Club

Alexandra has achieved industry-wide recognition in her use of technology to transform the perceptions of a traditional brand in her role at Wimbledon, building an award-winning digital and communications strategy that is at the heart of the long-term future of the brand.

Adam Goswell

Head of Technology, Research & Development, Lush

Adam Goswell leads technology research and development at Lush. He’s at the forefront of innovating the company’s approach to tech, and is currently heading up the development of new tools using AI, machine learning and augmented reality. Most recently, this has included developing AI technology to help remove packaging from cosmetics.

Hermione Taylor

Founder, Do Nation

Hermione is founder of Do Nation, an online platform designed to help people form healthy, environmentally friendly habits. Through Do Nation, she’s worked with over 100 organisations, including Nando’s, innocent drinks, and Procter & Gamble, helping to engage their employees in sustainability.

Matt Huband

Global Marketing Director, Miller Harris

Miller Harris is a British fragrance house finding contemporary ways to deliver fragrance through story telling.

Sam Brown

Programme Manager TechTransformed, Doteveryone

Sam Brown is the Programme Manager for TechTransformed, which empowers Responsible Innovators to build organisations with responsibility at the heart of their strategy, product development, and product design.

Prior to Doteveryone, Sam led organisational strategy development and business transformations, including a shift to agile, within the financial technology sector in Canada.

Georgia Lewis Anderson

AI personality consultant, ex Google

Georgia consults technology brands like Google & Microsoft on the British personality of their artificial intelligence. Combining an in-depth knowledge of pop culture with technology, Hypebae called her 'the millennial multi-hyphenate you need to know'.
Last year, she chaired a panel at CognitionX on what AI means for the future of music and was heralded in the tech press.

Naresh Ramchandani

Partner, Pentagram , Co-Founder, Do The Green Thing

Naresh Ramchandani is a writer, partner at Pentagram and co-founder of environmental non-profit Do The Green Thing.

In 1990, one of the first commercials he wrote - for Maxell cassettes - won the best ad in the world at Cannes. In 1995 he co-founded and creative directed London’s only co-operative agency St Luke’s which became the UK’s Agency of The Year in 1999.

Kyle Karim

COO, Beautonomy

Kyle Karim, COO, Beautonomy

Cyndi Rhoades

Founder & CEO, Worn Again Technologies

Cyndi founded Worn Again Technologies, originally called Worn Again, back in 2005 with a determination to make a difference and a business out of solving the challenge of textiles becoming ‘waste’ and ending up in landfill or incineration.
Cyndi began her career as a film maker in music videos and documentaries which over time evolved into a deep interest in the impacts of commerce and global economics on society and the environment.

Juliet Kinsman

Founder, Bouteco,

Meeting philanthropic hoteliers as a journalist and working with award-winning luxury-travel brands as a consultant inspired Juliet Kinsman to set up Bouteco to celebrate sustainable design-led hotels and help them language their sustainability and make it a compelling part of their brand story. As a freelance writer, broadcaster and hotel expert and as Louis Vuitton City Guides author for London and New York.

Jennifer Quigley-Jones

Founder & CEO, Digital Voices

Jennifer is founder and CEO of Digital Voices, an Influencer Marketing agency in London. They build powerful YouTube creator campaigns with courageous brands. In just 18 months, and started with only £500 of her own money, the agency has grown rapidly and run campaigns for clients like Rolls-Royce, the Royal Air Force and Trainline.

Kerry Murphy

Founder, The Fabricant

Kerry is the founder of The Fabricant a digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a new
sector of digital-only clothing. The digital-only fashion sector will explore new creative avenues, giving
free rein to express aspects of the self outside the limits of the physical world. We work with luxury
brands and retailers to create digital fashion experiences, as well as designing our own digital-only
fashion collections.

Danielle Radojcin

Director of Programmes & Broadcasting, MATCHESFASHION

Danielle is a content curator and broadcaster who has produced and hosted several podcast series, most recently as part of the MATCHESFASHION.COM programme of events at 5 Carlos Place and Frieze LA and Frieze New York. A graduate of The Courtauld Institute of Art, she has worked at Vogue, GQ, and freelanced for Porter, The Sunday Times Style and Harper’s Bazaar. As an editor at, she also launched their podcast programme.

Nicola Kemp

Managing Editor, BITE, Creative Brief

Nicola Kemp, Managing Editor, BITE, Creative Brief

Charlotte Instone

Founder & CEO, Know The Origin

Charlotte Instone is the founder of Know The Origin, Ethical Consumer’s top rated ethical fashion brand. Whilst studying at London College of Fashion, Charlotte worked on textiles projects in Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan and Tanzania. She witnessed the sustainable social and environmental change that can happen from business done well.

Mary Creagh MP

Labour MP for Wakefield, Chair, Environmental Audit Committee

As Chair of the EAC, Mary provides a leading voice on the direction of the UK’s environmental policy, with key interventions in the past year on plastic pollution, fashion, green finance, air pollution, flooding and heatwaves. She served as Shadow Secretary for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (2010 – 2013), Shadow Secretary of State for Transport (2013 – 2014) and Shadow Secretary of State for International Development (2014 – 2015).

Stephen Lepitak

Editor, The Drum

Stephen is editor of The Drum, with responsibility for overseeing the day-to-day running of the content produced for the various platforms run by the publication. Over the years he has interviewed agency network bosses such as Sir Martin Sorrell, Maurice Lévy and Arthur Sadoun, as well as Cindy Gallop, Kim Kardashian, film directors James Cameron, Spike Jonze, Richard Curtis and Lord David Puttnam.

Marc Zornes

CEO & Co-founder, Winnow

Marc founded Winnow to help the hospitality sector cut food waste using technology. Winnow builds tech to help chefs run their kitchens more efficiently focusing on helping them understand and prevent food waste. Since launch 5 years ago, Winnow has been deployed in 40 countries and has saved its customers $30m by reducing food waste. Clients include global brands like IKEA, Compass Group and AccorHotels.

Paul Miller

Managing Parnter & CEO, Bethnal Green Ventures

Paul Miller is Managing Partner and CEO of Bethnal Green Ventures, one of Europe’s leading early-stage investors in tech for good businesses. He co-founded the organisation and has led its growth, investing in over a hundred ventures and supporting the growth of a strong tech for good community in London.

Clara Chappaz

Chief Growth Officer, Vestiaire Collective

Clara joined Vestiaire Collective as Chief Growth Officer in 2019, leading customer acquisition and retention for the leading global resale site for premium and luxury pre-owned fashion. She transitioned from her role as VP of International for Lyst, the LVMH-backed fashion search engine based out of London, where she successfully launched the website in 7 countries around the world.

Kate Blythe

Global Chief Content Officer, MATCHESFASHION

Kate Blythe is Chief Content Officer at MATCHESFASHION.COM. She joined the team in early 2013 to head up the in-house editorial team and to help create engaging, inspiring content across all platforms that speaks to luxury consumers everywhere and on every device.
Under the direction of Kate, MATCHESFASHION.COM produces two weekly online magazines, The Style Report, containing designer interviews, fashion shoots, and trend advice.

Deborah Joseph

Editor-in-Chief, Glamour UK, Condé Nast

Deborah Joseph is an award-winning Editor who took over as Editor-in-Chief of GLAMOUR UK in November 2017. Prior to that, she spent six years working for fashion and celebrity tech start-ups and was a social media consultant for Jenny Packham. She has edited Easy Living, Brides and the Daily Mail’s Life and Style section. She is a mother of three children and three pugs.

Amie Shearer

Head of Influencer Marketing, Mumsnet

Amie heads up Mumsnet's Influencer Marketing team managing campaigns on the Mumsnet platform, our sister site Gransnet and across all other major social platforms for multiple brand partners. Amie joined Mumsnet in 2017, overhauling Mumsnet's Influencer Network of over 10,000 bloggers, vloggers and social media stars, introducing software to track members' channels and campaigns, putting data at the heart of every campaign.

Katy Lubin

VP Communications, Lyst

Katy is Communications Director at global fashion search platform Lyst. She leads the Lyst Insights data storytelling team, using search, sales and social media analytics to explore worldwide fashion and lifestyle trends. Prior to joining Lyst Katy worked in communications for the Net-a-Porter group and The British Fashion Council.

Lara Crisp

Editor, Gransnet

Lara Crisp is the Editor of Gransnet, the social networking site for over 50s and the UK’s 14 million grandparents. Gransnet receives over a quarter of a million unique users a month who visit the site for peer-to-peer advice, support and recommendations. It offers brands the opportunity to directly engage with potential customers, offering insight into issues and trends relevant to the over 50s.

Hege Sæbjørnsen

Country Sustainability Manager, UK & Ireland, IKEA

Hege Sæbjørnsen is the Country Sustainability Manager for IKEA UK & Ireland, responsible for all aspects of the retailer’s sustainability strategy. Hege joined IKEA in May 2015 as Sustainability Expansion Manager, leading the integration of sustainability into the expansion agenda at a time of rapid growth for the business.

Professor Carole Collet

Collet, Central Saint Martins UAL

Carole Collet is Professor in Design for Sustainable Futures at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London where she currently holds two key roles. As CSM-LVMH Director of Sustainable Innovation, she set up Maison/0, an incubator of creative sustainable intelligence, in partnership with the luxury group LVMH.

Elise Ngobi

Senior Brand Strategy Manager, Dash Hudson

Elise Ngobi is the Senior Brand Strategy Manager at visual marketing platform Dash Hudson’s London office. Her expertise draws from a stint in a scaling startup, and years in the social, digital, content and print marketing world.

Martin Robinson

Editor, The Book of Man

Martin has worked as a journalist, editor and business leader for a number of award winning consumer magazines over the last 17 years, with senior posts at Maxim, NME and as editor at ShortList magazine. Martin has been nominated for the BSME editor of the year awards 5 times for his work. The Book of Man is his vision for the future of men’s media, a support network for men today.

Katie Baron

Head of Retail, Stylus

Katie disseminates trends across retail, including digital commerce, store design and burgeoning business practices. She’s also authored two books on visual culture, and is a founding member of the Digital Anthropology Lab.

Mandy Saven

Head of Food, Beverage & Hospitality, Stylus

Mandy covers food culture and consumption, flavour innovation, product development and technology, as well as innovations in travel and hospitality. She also serves on the Advisory Council for the World Brand Congress.

Julia Errens

Editor – Media & Marketing, Stylus

Julia’s focus areas are online communities, inclusivity, interactive media, content distribution and creative brand platforming. She has an MA in Design Writing Criticism from University of the Arts London.

Christian Ward

Head of Media & Marketing, Stylus

Christian is head of Media & Marketing, overseeing Stylus research, reporting and forum presentations on trends in marketing, advertising, culture and media. Christian spent many years as a music journalist for the NME, before transitioning into PR, where he promoted a host of European start-ups including SoundCloud and

Emily Gordon-Smith

Director of Consumer Product, Stylus

With 25 years experience in the fashion industry Emily has worked with mega names including Topshop, Walt Disney, Biba and Kookai. She has been a consultant for blue chip fashion retailers worldwide, created product in collaboration with major artists including Sir Peter Blake and worked on brand strategy for both the high-end and mass-market.

Dr. Antonia Ward

Global Director of Advisory Services, Stylus

With over 15 years' experience in trend consulting, research, design, brand strategy and journalism, Antonia directs Stylus' advisory services, applying company insight and expertise to clients' challenges, including Mattel, Volkswagen and Ferrero.

Lisa Payne

Senior Editor - Beauty, Stylus

Having worked for Stylus since July 2010 after graduating with first-class honours in Fashion Journalism from the London College of Fashion, Lisa is the Beauty editor at Stylus. She reports on trends, business news and industry innovation, with an eye for future developments based on consumer attitudes.

Saisangeeth Daswani

Head of Advisory – Fashion, Beauty & APAC, Stylus

Saisangeeth has experience translating future trends and applying them as business solutions in marketing, retail, product and design strategies. She has worked across fashion, luxury and branding in the US, Asia and Australia. Previously, Saisangeeth was a trend director at Stylesight and WGSN, working with leading international brands to inspire and inform their creative endeavours through seasonal and trend forecasts.

Dewi Pinatih

Senior Editor – Product Design, Stylus

Dewi oversees Stylus' product design coverage, covering everything from motor shows to furniture fairs. She gets excited about innovative design that makes the world a better place. Dewi has worked across the design industry for more than 10 years, holding positions at leading cultural institutions in the Netherlands, and editorial roles at Bright Magazine and the Dutch Press Centre for Interior Design.

Fernando Laposse

Designer and Material Researcher,

Fernando specialises in transforming humble natural materials that are often considered waste into refined design pieces. Most of his works are the result of extensive research which culminate into self produced object.

His eponymous project, ‘Tototmoxtle’ has won him the Future of Food Design Awards in 2017, and was nominated as one of the Designs of the Year by the Design Museum in London in 2018.

Clea Sullivan

Partner & Design Manager Mens and Childrenswear, John Lewis & Partners

Clea Sullivan, Partner & Design Manager Mens and Childrenswear, John Lewis & Partners

Moin Roberts-Islam

Technology Development Manager, Fashion Innovation Agency - London College of Fashion, UAL

Moin is a fashion-tech innovator with several years of experience working on collaborative projects across fashion, sustainability and emerging technology. Now working as the Technology Development Manager at the Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion, he focuses on formulating, initiating and overseeing fashion-tech collaborations with partners from fashion brands and emerging tech companies.

Colette Newberry

CEO and co-founder, The Inkey List

CEO and co-founder, The Inkey List.
A true brand and product visionary, Colette’s career has seen her work across multiple brands and roles within the beauty industry. Driven by a desire and passion for every element of the customer brand experience, Colette has worked across marketing, branding and product development for brands such as No7, Soap and Glory and Liz Earle at Boots and more recently as the COO of WAH Nails.

Sian Sutherland

Founder, A Plastic Planet

Igniting social change, creating brands, campaigns and businesses with soul is Sian’s passion. Multi-award winner, including Female Marketer of the Year, CEW Achiever Award, Entrepreneur of the Year and British Inventor of the Year; Sian is a serial entrepreneur with a varied background in advertising, Michelin Star restaurants, film production and brand creation design agencies.

Sara Arnold

Founder, Higher Studio

Sara Arnold founded curated fashion rental platform Higher Studio at the end of 2016 and the fledgling idea won the Business of Fashion “Future Voices” competition and incubation at Centre for Fashion Enterprise. Driven by the desire to incentivise creativity and circularity, Higher Studio is home to independent brands and iconic archive pieces.

Diane Kenwood

Founder, Journalist & Broadcaster, These Are the HeyDays (former editor of Women's Weekly)

Diane Kenwood spent 10 years as the editor of Woman’s Weekly, the most successful and highest selling weekly magazine in the lifestyle women’s market.

Diane began her career in television and radio, moving from production to presenting – she has fronted programmes on BBC 1 and 2, Sky News and Channel 4, and hosted her own two hour daily radio. Since leaving Time Inc (now TI Media) she has created and launched a website and blog.

Bethan Jinkinson

Executive Editor, BBC Ideas, BBC

Bethan Jinkinson is Executive Editor at BBC Ideas, a short-form factual video website aimed at under 45s, primarily in the UK. BBC Ideas features videos from a range of genres, including psychology, philosophy, anthropology, science and linguistics, and her team works hard to ensure that each video is sassy, shareable and genuinely informative. Bethan has been at the BBC for just over 20 years.

Deborah Cicurel

Journalist, Writer and Editor,

Deborah Cicurel is a freelance travel journalist who has written for a number of newspapers, magazines and websites.

Alison Taylor

Writer & Editor,

Alison Taylor is a journalist, author and brand consultant. Specialising in fashion, arts and lifestyle, she has regularly contributed to Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, The Guardian, Stella, Nylon and Stylist, and was a columnist for The Independent. She is currently Head of Content at sustainable fashion brand Ninety Percent and is working on her next book.

Livvi Yallop

Creative and Influencer Strategist, The Digital Fairy

Livvi Yallop, Creative and Influencer Strategist at The Digital Fairy and author of the company’s Influencer 2025 white paper. Livvi’s areas of interest include internet communities, the influencer industry, youth communications, and the cultural impact of social media on the next generation of consumers.

Aaron Hocking

Regional Director EMEA, Intrepid Group

Aaron began his career in travel 12 years ago, and has since held a variety of industry sales roles working in Europe, North America and Australia; gaining extensive knowledge of global travel markets.
Since joining The Intrepid Group in 2013, Aaron has quickly risen through the business, taking on a number of different roles including Inbound Sales Manager AU/NZ.

Karinna Nobbs

Fashion Futurist + Affiliate Professor,

Karinna Nobbs is a futurist and academic. She is a published author and researcher, lecturing on the digitalisation of the fashion industry at London College of Fashion, Antwerp Management School, HyperIsland (Stockholm), Politecnico di Mllano and she currently holds an affiliate Professorship at ESCP Europe. Karinna consults with agencies such as Holition, King and Partners and Sunshine, media brands like Business of Fashion.

Hayley Ward

Head of Insight Partnerships, Marks & Spencer

Hayley Ward, Head of Insight Partnerships, Marks & Spencer

Martina Spetlova

Founder & Designer, Martina Spetlova

Originally from the Czech Republic and now based in East London, Martina is a graduate of the renowned MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins. Her scientific background influences her uniquely experimental approach that restlessly challenges materials, elements and expectations.
Martina's distinctive explorations of aesthetics, science and ethics have seen her develop and launch her first unique luxury hand woven bag collection.

Rosey Cortazzi

Global marketing director, ISKO

Rosey has extensive clothing industry experience. She started her career at House of Fraser and the Arcadia Group in the UK.

She was Head of Merchandising and Logistics at Diesel. Following this she spent seven years at Nike in the Netherlands. She then moved to the Levi Strauss group. More recently she worked for the Esprit group.

Stephen Graves

Senior Tech & Consumer Attitudes Editor, Stylus

Stephen reports on consumer attitudes and behaviours, with a special focus on the impact of emerging technologies. Previously at N by Norwegian and, he writes and directs short films in his spare time.

Tessa Mansfield

Chief Creative Officer, Stylus

With over 18 years’ experience in translating trends into design innovation, brand and product strategy, Tessa leads the global content team, guiding Stylus’ content and creative direction. Before Stylus, she consulted on luxury and mass-market brands across a variety of industries including beauty, food, retail, architecture, transport, technology and packaging.

Marc Worth

CEO, Stylus

Marc Worth, CEO, Stylus

Miles Johnson

former Creative Director of Product Design and Development, Patagonia

Responsible and environmental design specialist. Understanding sustainable approach to design. Also, an established promoter and public speaker on the subject of ethical practices in clothing design and positive, healthier manufacturing.

Until recently held the position of Creative Director of Product design and Development at the outdoor clothing specialist Patagonia Inc, based in California, USA.

Jane Robson Blanchard

Owner, JRB Global Fashion Solutions and Non-Executive Director, Braiform

Internationally experienced fashion industry expert, Jane is a strong, constructively challenging non-executive director with a large network, built through founding and running major global businesses.

In a career spanning three decades, education and research played a major role. After obtaining an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from the Manchester Metropolitan University, she studied Business Sustainability Management.