What we do


Stylus is an innovation research and advisory company that identifies and connects the most important global and cross-industry trends.


Our insights are used by more than 500 of the world’s leading consumer brands, businesses and agencies to understand the attitudes and behaviours of their consumers, the products and services they’re using, and how they engage with the world around them.


Our team of 150 industry experts work across five continents, analysing more than 20 consumer-facing industries.



About Marc Worth


Stylus was founded by Marc Worth – the original pioneer of online trend forecasting.


Marc has been involved as a founder, executive and operational leader in consumer and media industries for over 25 years. He previously founded Worth Global Style Network (WGSN) – the world’s first online information service for the fashion industry, which he later sold to Emap.


In 2009 Marc setup Stylus after recognising that trends were not only relevant to the fashion industry, but more critically, that the most brilliant innovation comes from the cross-pollination of industries and expertise. He created Stylus to offer a new, holistic approach to innovation research and trends that would serve businesses in all consumer facing industries.


Alongside his work at Stylus, Marc continues to invest in new businesses and mentor young entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.


“Innovation has become fundamental to success and key to survival, but at the root of innovation is change. And change affects us all. That’s why events – like this Summit – are vital to helping businesses stay on top of – and ahead of – change and the challenges that creates.


I believe that bringing change makers and visionaries from a range of industries together in one place is the best way to inspire collaboration and cross-industry learning – because what we see happening in one industry today, will impact another tomorrow.”


– Marc Worth, CEO, Stylus



Origin of the Summit – and why it matters


Decoded Future combines Stylus’ insights with Decoded Fashion and Decoded Beauty’s 5+ years of global events expertise. The result is an event that’s more dynamic, interactive and important than ever.


By delivering Stylus’ cross-industry viewpoint, Decoded Future will equip brands to look beyond their industry silo to not only anticipate change, but to capitalise on it. Consider the Summit an essential innovation toolkit at a time of increasingly fast-moving consumer trends.